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Fri 24 May 2024

La Marzocco releases new SWAN commercial espresso grinder


After 97 years of espresso machine innovation, La Marzocco has unveiled its first in-house produced commercial espresso grinder: the Swan. This new addition to the La Marzocco family promises to bring the same handcrafted detail that has made their espresso machines the favourites of baristas everywhere.

Minimal retention
The Swan grinder is well-suited for either a primary espresso grinder in a busy café or as a secondary espresso grinder for featured coffees. With fast grinding times and almost no retention, the Swan is designed to deliver exceptional performance and consistency.

The design of the Swan flips how the burrs are arranged, eliminating the need for an internal grinding chute and allowing the coffee to fall directly from the burr set. This innovative approach helps to reduce clumping and static charge, which are common issues with most espresso grinders.

Another key-feature is the anti-static system ensuring that the coffee can fall freely into the portafilter in a light, fluffy pile, making it easier for baristas to dose and distribute the grounds evenly. 

Seamless integration
The Swan's shape and design elements are inspired by the entire La Marzocco espresso machine lineup, ensuring a seamless integration with existing equipment. It also reflects the same design language and ease of use as each La Marzocco espresso machine. The three-button system on the KB90, Linea PB, and Modbar AV is mirrored on the Swan, creating a more coherent aesthetic for your counters.

With its innovative design, exceptional performance, and seamless integration with La Marzocco espresso machines, the Swan grinder is poised to become a must-have for coffee professionals and enthusiasts alike. 

To learn more about the Swan grinder and how it can enhance your coffee game, be sure to visit The Coffee & Hospitality Expo, where La Marzocco will be showcasing this exciting new product.

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