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In 2008, The European Coffee Symposium (ECS) was born out of a dream to bring together the most influential minds from across Europe’s coffee & hospitality sectors.

Now in 2024, the Coffee & Hospitality Expo (COHO) launches as a bold extension of the ECS vision, further uniting industry leaders with a community of innovation, fostering new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

ECS + COHO Expo is not just another trade show; it's a revolution in how we network and collaborate. We firmly believe in the power of genuine, high-calibre human interactions, because, at the heart of every significant business partnership, lies a personal connection. 

Our paramount focus remains on fostering meaningful business connections at the highest level across the European coffee and hospitality market. We've streamlined the event experience to curate quality encounters among the industry few who truly can forge scalable business partnerships.

Our event model is designed to bypass the often-hefty costs associated with substantial stand builds and extensive team travel prevalent in today's world of trade shows. Instead, we ensure that your investment is directed where it matters most – ‘meeting the right people, at the right time, in the right environment’.

Time is precious. With us, you're more than just a trade visitor. You are a valued VIP guest, who will receive a tailored event itinerary crafted especially for you. 

Step into an arena that celebrates collaboration, where each dialogue ignites innovation and where insights aren't merely informative but truly transformational.

Welcome to the future of trade events.

Welcome to Allegra’s ECS + COHO Expo 2024.

Previous ECS Editions:

  • 2008 – London
  • 2009 – Vienna
  • 2010 – Rome
  • 2011 – Berlin
  • 2012 – Amsterdam
  • 2013 – Paris
  • 2014 – Istanbul
  • 2015 – Copenhagen
  • 2016 – Budapest
  • 2017 – Warsaw
  • 2018 – Milan
  • 2019 – Dubai
  • 2022 – London
  • 2023 – Barcelona
  • 2024 – See you in Berlin!