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why coho?

Welcome to COHO Expo

Bid farewell to the traditional trade show model. At COHO, we say goodbye to the inefficiencies of conventional B2B events, and hello to meaningful engagement with 2,500 qualified decision-makers from across Europe’s coffee & hospitality sectors.

With us, you're more than an exhibitor — you're a brand partner in a shared journey towards crafting a meaningful brand presence.

Lean on our expertise to conceptualise and promote your unique brand vision. Together, we’ll shape a brand experience that captivates and excites audiences, immersing key decision-makers into the true essence of your proposition.

Leveraging our expansive network, we promote your business pre-event digitally to 90,000+ industry professionals, enabling you to drive awareness way before the event kicks off!

We make business development easy by enabling you to focus on what truly matters – meeting the right people, at the right time in the right environment.

We firmly believe in the power of genuine, high-calibre human connections, because at the heart of every significant partnership, lies a personal connection.

Time is precious and at COHO, every handshake has potential, every introduction could lead to innovation, and every participant plays a part in shaping our industry’s collective success.

Join us for two-days of unparalleled business interactions and accelerate your business growth.

Welcome to COHO Expo, where innovation transcends tradition, and high-level business partnerships are forged.

Ludovic Rossignol

Co-Founder & Chief Event Officer

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Jeffrey Young | Founder & CEO of The Allegra Group

Allegra's ECS + COHO Expo aims to foster prominent networking opportunities for leading European coffee + hospitality players, providing crucial market knowledge to enhahnce the collective business performance of our sector."
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