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The European Barista Cup

Crafted by the creators of Coffee Masters + Roast Masters, the EBC takes centre stage at COHO Expo celebrating the synergy between baristas, roasters, and farmers. 



Taking place at COHO Expo in Berlin from 13 - 14 November 2024, The European Barista Cup is a two-day competition, witness 12 of Europe’s most talented baristas showcase their skills and chosen Roaster in a brand new rigorous and thrilling format.

The ultimate goal – winning all four titles and a €10,000 cash prize.

  • Filter of The Year
  • Espresso of The Year
  • Roaster of The Year
  • Barista of The Year


Accommodation at InterContinental Hotel Berlin is also provided to our 12 competitors for the duration of the competition and practice day, 12th – 14th November 2024.


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Elevate Your Status

Gain industry-wide recognition and elevate your brand's status.

Enter the EBC for a chance to win all four titles and the €10,000 cash prize (plus bragging rights for the Roaster winners for one year)

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Join us for an exciting journey through the art of filter coffee! Witness Europe’s most talented baristas showcase their skills in a rigorous and thrilling format, from Blind Cupping to the ultimate Filter Presentation at The Coffee & Hospitality Expo 2024 in Berlin. 

Let the battle commence...

The Filter Title

The Blind Cupping Session is the preliminary round where each competitor's filter coffee is evaluated by both the competing baristas and judges. 

This session will determine which competitors advance to the Filter Presentation round.

In the Filter Presentation round, the 8 finalists will compete in a knockout format. Each barista will present their filter coffee to the judges, who will score based on both presentation and sensory qualities.

At the end of Day 1, the barista whose coffee has won three consecutive battles will be awarded the Filter of The Year title.


Witness Europe’s finest baristas compete for 3 titles on Day 2 of The European Barista Cup.

The top 4 highest scorers from the Espresso Title and Roaster Title will then face off in thrilling semi-final matchups, bringing the excitement to a crescendo, leading to the Grand Final – who will be crowned European Barista of The Year?

Espresso, Roaster & Barista Titles

The Espresso Presentation

The Espresso Presentation Title is awarded to the barista who excels in crafting both espresso and milky coffee drinks while demonstrating exceptional professionalism and coffee knowledge.

The Roaster Title recognises the combined excellence of a competitor’s coffee delivery in both the filter and espresso rounds.

Get ready for an exhilarating showcase of barista talent as the top 4 competitors go head-to-head in the semi-finals and finals. From brewing mystery coffees to crafting signature drinks, these baristas will display their mastery in every aspect of coffee preparation.

Who will be crowned European Barista of The Year?



  • Best Roaster
  • Best Barista
  • Best Filter
  • Best Espresso
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Cash Prizes

  • €1,250 per title
  • An additional €5,000 for winning all titles, totalling €10,000 + the title of “King of The European Barista Cup”.
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  • Each barista brings 2.5kg of each of their 2 coffees
  • Coffees must be under $20 per kg of greens
  • Coffee must adhere to brief (e.g. washed central American or Colombian, Natural African, no experimental coffees)
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  • Baristas can bring their analogue filter brewing equipment, tamper and jug
  • Baristas must submit an intro video to introduce themselves, the roaster that they will represent and a brewing recipe of their choosing/methodology, etc.


Join us at COHO Expo in Berlin from November 13-14, 2024, for a two-day coffee showdown that puts baristas and their coffees to the ultimate test. Compete for four prestigious titles and a grand cash prize!